iVoya.com Apple Vacations Rebate Form
Submit this form within 14 days after completion of travel to receive your rebate.

Rebate Terms and Conditions:
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Please complete one form for each Apple Vacations booking number.  For example, if your family of four persons traveled staying in two separate hotel rooms, and was issued two Apple Vacations booking numbers, you would submit a rebate form for each booking number.
Remember, to qualify for the rebate, you MUST have booked and paid for your vacation package entirely through our online booking page and not through our travel specialists by telephone.  All follow-ups and changes must be made online, and not through our reservations services, and this may be done by logging in at http://www.applevacations.com and creating a profile, then adding your booking number to that profile.  Only bookings made online through iVoya.com Cruises & Tours interface in such a way that they are commissionable to iVoya.com Cruises & Tours qualify for rebate.   Any follow-up or refund requests must be made through Apple Vacations directly.  Use of the telephone reservation staff of iVoya.com voids any rebate.  (The rebate is designed to give back to the customer our cost of handling a booking by telephone, thus only travel booked and handled completely through the online interface qualifies for rebate.)
Your rebate for complete packages with air, hotel, and transfers (or rental car) is seven (7) percent of the gross cost of the air and hotel portion of your travel fare paid.   Rebates are not paid on taxes, government fees, port charges, transfers, or trip cancellation insurance.   This rebate is only offered on complete packages (example:  air, hotel, & transfers), and is not offered on air only, hotel only, fly/drive, packages with scheduled air, special promotions such as Square Deals, Super Airfare, Apple Savers, charter flights, promotional air, scheduled air, change fees, cancellation fees, rush fees, late booking fees, or any other extraordinary services.  Rebates are never offered off of net fares or group travel as defined by Apple Vacations.

Purchases of products such as air-only, non-qualifying charter flights, non-qualifying scheduled air, Super Airfare, Square Deals, SuperApple Savers, hotel-only, land-only, fly/drive, packages with scheduled air, etc., may qualify for substantial but lesser rebates of varying percentages, as shown below, and subject to change without notice.
Your rebate form must be sent after all travel is completed, and not later than 14 days following completion of all travel or rebate offer is void.   Forms received prior to completion of travel, or more than 14 days after travel do not qualify for rebate.  The sending of your rebate form will direct you to a receipt page which should be printed from your browser as proof of form submission until your rebate is received.  Submission date shall be determined by stamped date and time of form receipt as produced by the iVoya.com server.  Rebates are processed on a monthly cycle, and take place only after commissions are received by iVoya.com from Apple Vacations approximately 30 days after completion of travel, thus please allow up to 75 days after travel is completed for rebate processing and mailing time.
All agency commissions related to your travel booking must have been paid in full by Apple Vacations to iVoya.com Cruises & Tours prior to rebate processing.  Note that if you have completed your travel, but have applied for a refund or adjustment of any type due to issues with your travel, trips cut short, travel insurance claims, or any other issue which may affect agency commission, you should still remit your rebate form within 14 days of completion of all travel, however, your rebate will be held until such time as all outstanding accounting issues are resolved and a final, accurate accounting may be made.   All cancellation and refund requests must be handled directly through Apple Vacations or the rebate is void.
Rebates must be made payable to the name of a passenger who traveled on the booking.  Please specify the name of the rebate recipient below, and provide telephone and e-mail contact information.   We will reach you by telephone or e-mail with any issues or questions we may have in processing your rebate.


Request for Apple Vacations Rebate:
   All fields are required - this information identifies you as the purchaser and ensures that the rebate is sent to the proper party.

Type of Apple Vacation:  
Apple Booking Number:

   Where to find:  This booking number is provided at time of
  booking, in follow-up e-mails  to you by Apple, and also on your printed vacation documents.

Travel Departure Date:                       
Length of Trip:   
Original Departure City:   
All Travelers' Names  
on this Booking Number:
Number of Persons  
on this booking number:

Rebate will be made payable to and Sent to:

Pay to the Order of  
Traveler Name:
  This must be the name of one of the traveling passengers appearing on this booking.
Street Address:  
City / State / Zip:  
Your E-mail:  

  Telephone Number(s):



By clicking "I Agree" above, I attest that have read and understand all terms and conditions shown above and I consent fully to be bound by them.  I understand that my submitted information will be reviewed by iVoya.com for accuracy, and any inaccuracies may be corrected by iVoya.com so that my rebate may be paid correctly according to the type of package I purchased from Apple Vacations.

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